This Month on The Spark the theme is
“Raising the Roof of Success”


A monthly series about business and community leaders who are fueling change by giving back to the Mid-South. Each month we will showcase several of these hometown heroes who are affecting change and leading by example.

“Raising the Roof of Success”
"Raising the Roof of Success" is the theme of The SPARK February 2017. Interviews highlight Center for Transforming Communities, a nonprofit focused on asset-based community development; Germantown Municipal School District, a school district focused on achievement, philanthropy and leadership that also has the highest ACT average in Tennessee; and Medford Roofing, a local commercial roofing contractor
with a heart for service and helping our city. We’ll also share a special moment from our SPARK Awards 2016.

WKNO (10.1)
Fri, 2/17 at 7:30 PM
Sat, 2/18 at 12:30 AM
Sun, 2/19 at 12:00 PM

WKNO2 (10.2 or Ch 910 on Comcast)
Sat, 2/18 at 3:30 PM
Wed. 2/22 at 11:00 AM

Amy Moritz – Center for Transforming Communities
Jason Manuel – Germantown Municipal School District
Meghan Medford – Medford Roofing

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The Memphis Theological Seminary, and SRVS with additional funding from
Christian Brothers University
, Meritan and YX Genomics

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