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First on the air: June 25, 1956
WKNO-HD signed on August 3, 2004

Channels: WKNO-TV/10
WKNO-HD on Digital Channel 10.3 or 810 on Comcast HD Cable Service

WKNO, now more than 50 years old, is owned and operated by the Mid-South Public Communications Foundation, licensed to the community of Memphis, Tennessee, and governed by an all-volunteer, self-perpetuating Board of Trustees.

In its unique role as the independent, not-for-profit, community-owned broadcasting voice in the Mid-South, WKNO is dedicated to quality radio and television programming in order to illuminate, inform, entertain, and educate the people of the Mid-South community. WKNO is committed to respond to the needs of the community, reflect community talents and resources, and represent Memphis and the Mid-South to itself, the region and the nation.

Over 76% of the annual budget comes from the Mid-South community. The remaining 24% comes from federal, state, and local government grants. WKNO also offers a variety of educational services, including programming for classrooms, parenting workshops hosted by our own Mr. Chuck, town hall meetings, and more.

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