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Gallery 1091 is sponsored by
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Art Exhibition
Gallery Ten Ninety One, sponsored by
Century Wealth Management

“Dreamsicle” –
Works by Lizi-Beard Ward, Melody Haspel, and Susan Younger

WKNO presents Dreamsicle – works by Lizi Beard-Ward, Melody Haspel, and Susan Younger. This wonderfully diverse collection includes paintings, sculpture, jewelry, photographs and painted furniture.

Melody Haspel started taking iPhone pictures in late 2011 , with a first generation 3G phone . Years ago she worked for a professional photographer , but he just shot weddings and she wasn't that interested.

Fast forward all these years later and with children grown and on their own and an incredibly supportive and talented musician/writer husband , she seems to have found her "true north". She now uses an iPhone 5s and any filters or pops of color she can imagine .

“Life is good and I love finding beauty in the mundane.” - Melody Haspel

Lizi Beard-Ward says “I have worn many hats in my life...ranging from set design, medical Illustration, mural painting in addition to working in many mediums and selling art for 45 years. I have taught, managed art stores, participated in many galleries and co-ops, managed the Folklore Store at the Center for Southern Folklore and was booth chair for Cooper Young Festival, a major street festival In Memphis, TN with 400 art booths for 20+ years.

Mediums include: digital imagery; oil; acrylic; water color; ink; dimensional works including clay, wood and fabric. I do commercial and gallery art, custom paintings, illustration, graphics, digital photography; mural, dimensional work, and painted furniture.” – Lizi Beard-Ward

For Susan Younger, the making of things started early in childhood. Her father’s toolbench and mother’s sewing machine were fascinating. She learned tools and techniques. Their mindset of everything has potential to be something else after its purposed use inspired her imagination. Her toys were tools, sewing supplies, paints and papers. She grew up creating embroideries, clothes, sculptures and pictures
Since graduation from the Memphis College of Art, she has been making jewelry, ornaments, sculptures, and sewing costumes, clothes and quilts. She has been in MCA’s Horn Island Exhibition five times, and her work has been at the Cooper Young Festival and Allie Cat Arts. Ornaments and jewelry are currently in the Ornamental Metal Museum gift shop.
“My favorite creative thing is making stuff out of materials not originally purposed for the end product. They surprise and awake the imagination of the viewer and wearer. Everything has potential. “ – Susan Younger

On exhibit
November 3rd - 25th, Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Saturday, November 14 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

WKNO Digital Media Center
7151 Cherry Farms Road
Cordova, TN


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