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Art Exhibition
Gallery Ten Ninety One sponsored by Century Wealth Management

WKNO presents “Right Brain Left Brain,” New Work by Angi Cooper

Right Brain Left Brain is an exhibition that explores my love of the artistic process, color, science--animals and adaptations, botany, anatomy--statistics and analysis, humor, assemblage and cutting things up, and how all these are fabulously connected.

Taking inspiration from the world around me, my desire is to create a sense of wonder and curiosity, connection, intrigue, and a dash of humor.

Through the use of color—especially cadmium red, manganese blue, and green gold—shape, pattern, and composition, I tell visual stories about our world and its diverse landscapes--beautiful landscapes and convoluted landscapes. Whether it is a changing ecosystem, people struggling to be heard, or a species daring to be free, I want to record the moment in my own way using a variety of media to create contemporary compositions.

I work in the mediums of painting, drawing, collage, mixed media on canvas and board, printmaking, photography, assemblage, and also collage in jewelry. For this exhibition, I have included work in the mediums of: painting, collage, assemblage and mixed media.

My background in graphic design informs a lot of the artistic choices I make as does my docent training at the Memphis Zoo. Learning about different species of animals and their respective adaptations and ecosystems has opened my eyes and mind to so much amazing science. I feel compelled to be influenced by some of this knowledge in my compositions. Our world is an astounding creation and I want to share my love of that with the viewer.”
- Angi Cooper

To see more work of Angi Cooper’s work, visit her website at www.angicooper.com.

September 2 - 29, 2015
Open: Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

September 5, 2015
Reception: Saturday, 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.

WKNO Digital Media Center
7151 Cherry Farms Road
Cordova, TN


The WKNO Digital Media Center is located at 7151 Cherry Farms Road, off Goodlett Farms Parkway between Whitten and Appling Roads.

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