Thursday | August 4 | 9 PM

on WKNO/Channel 10

The WKNO-TV documentary, Shelby Farms: America’s Great 21st Century Park — takes a look at our area’s greatest natural resource, examining the park’s past, present and future.

Through a series of interviews and historical film footage and photographs, we will tell the story of Shelby Farms from its humble beginnings to what the park offers today’s residents of the Mid-South.

The documentary also takes us through the changes the park is currently experiencing — its transition from a government-controlled entity into the hands of the nonprofit Shelby Farms Park Conservancy. Finally, the park’s future is examined — revealing what the Conservancy has planned for this huge, unspoiled green space.

A New York design firm will take the reigns of the park’s next stage of development with a master plan that will implement changes to the park in order to accommodate the growing needs of the public who continue to enjoy her resources. The producer talks with members of the design team and Conservancy leaders to better understand their vision of what our premier park will eventually become.


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