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WKNO Lets Viewers Pick Britoms in June

Teri L Sullivan
WKNO Promotions Manager

May 18 , 2008
For Immediate Release


British comedy (Britcom) has been a long-time staple of WKNO’s television schedule. Many of these series have been airing for several years on Channel 10. On June 30, the two-year contracts expire for Keeping Up Appearances and Are You Being Served? and WKNO will let viewers decide whether they want to continue with the familiar series or try something new.

Weekday nights for two weeks – June 15-19 and June 22-26, WKNO will air episodes from five different British series. WKNO will ask then viewers to vote online or by phone for two choices for the Britcom lineup.

“We had a tremendous response from Choose Our Next Britcom marthon last year," said WKNO Program Manager Debi Robertson.  "These shows inspire great loyalty and excitement among our viewers, so when these two favorite shows came up for renewal, we wanted to let the viewers tell us what they wanted to see– their old favorites or new choices.”

Between June 15 and June 26, viewers can vote for two choices online at or by calling 901-325-6599. Voting will end on June 26. The new Britcoms will begin at the end of the summer.

The five choices are:

‘Allo ‘Allo! is set in a small café in occupied France. With the German Army in residence at the bar, the proprietor Rene is risking his neck to aid the Resistance by hiding two British airmen and a radio transmitter upstairs. He’s also trying to hide his affair with two waitresses from his wife. ‘Allo ‘Allo! originally ran on British television from 1982 to 1992.  It was the first runner up in last year's Britcom vote.

Are You Being Served? is set in the men's and women's department of Grace Brothers, a fictional London department store.  The characters included Mr. Humphries, Captain Peacock, Mrs. Slocombe, Miss Brahms, Mr Rumbold, Mr Lucas, and the elderly "young" Mr Grace.  This long-running show aired in Britain from 1972 to 1985.  It currently airs on WKNO.

As Time Goes By, which was originally produced by the BBC in the 1990s, stars Dame Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer as a couple in their 60s who meet and fall in love after a 40-year separation.  The show aired in the UK from 1992-2002, with a two-hour reunion in 2005. As Time Goes By aired on WKNO until last years' Britcom vote.

Keeping Up Appearances tells the story of a woman whose social pretensions make her an unwitting object of humor .  Played by Patricia Routledge, Hyacinth's attitude makes life miserable for all around her, especially her husband Richard, her neighbor Elizabeth, the Vicar, and her sisters, Rose, Daisy and Violet.  The show's original run was from 1990 to 1995.  It currently airs on WKNO.

Waiting for God takes place at Bayview Retirement Home, where retired photojournalist Diana Trent bristles at her confinement, and befriends widower Tom Ballard. Diana regards Bayview very much as a place to undermine, and proceeds to do so, with Tom cheerily helping her along the way. The show's five seasons originally aired from 1990 to 1994.  It has aired on WKNO in the past.

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