Condoleezza Rice teams up with the Pulitzer Prize-winning
historian David M. Kennedy to investigate this question.

Join former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, historian David Kennedy and a diverse group of Americans to explore whether a unifying set of beliefs--an American creed--can prove more powerful than the issues that divide us. What does it mean to be American? What holds us together in turbulent times? In the documentary film AMERICAN CREED, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David M. Kennedy come together from different backgrounds and points of view to investigate the idea of a unifying American creed. How, ask Rice and Kennedy, have American ideals of freedom, fairness, equality, and opportunity been shaped? How are they interpreted today? Rice and Kennedy’s spirited inquiry frames the stories of citizen-activists striving to realize their own visions of America’s promise.

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WKNO has produced videos reaching out to our community on American Creed that are available online for viewing:

American Creed: Facing History Together
The history of Memphis as a locus of the Civil Rights Struggle forms the backdrop for the local educational outreach of Facing History and Ourselves, a four-decade old nonprofit that trains teachers and works with students and young people to facilitate discussion of prejudice, injustice, and positive action to build community. #AmericanCreedPBS

American Creed: Veterans Helping Veterans
An estimated 40,000 homeless veterans live nationwide, including the Mid-South. St. Sebastian Veteran Services, part of Catholic Charities of West Tennessee, is one of several area nonprofits with the mission to serve veterans and their families affected by homelessness. The people working hard to help these veterans regain their security and dignity are those who have themselves served. #AmericanCreedPBS

American Creed: Veterans Tell Their Stories
20 year Navy veteran Anthony McClyde co-founded the Mid-South Veterans Help Desk to help veterans through the complications of returning to civilian life, and making use of the health care, educational benefits, and other opportunities available to veterans. McClyde also helped Army veteran Kevin Baugh set up his own nonprofit to address the needs of LGBTQ veterans. #AmericanCreedPBS

American Creed: Bridging the Divide
Rabbi Micah Greenstein heads the largest and oldest synagogue in Memphis and in Tennessee, Temple Israel, which happens to count two congressmen of different parties among its congregation. In this era of divisive partisan politics, Greenstein advocates for attention to deeper principles of compassion and charity. #AmericanCreedPBS

American Creed: Preparing New Citizens
Local organizations such as Catholic Charities of West Tennessee provide citizenship classes to help applicants strengthen their language and civics skills before their citizenship interview. Immigrant Services program director Chris Butson talks about helping Memphis-area residents prepare in a class which brings together many different languages and places of origin.

American Creed: The DAR Welcomes You
The Daughters of the American Revolution is a social and service organization open to women who can trace their ancestry to someone who fought or otherwise served the nation in the Revolutionary War. The chapters in West Tennessee send representatives to attend public citizenship ceremonies in order to welcome new citizens and pass along America's traditions. #AmericanCreedPBS

American Creed: An Act of Friendship

In 2009, Steve Stone was the pastor of Heartsong Church in Cordova, Tennessee, when he learned that the land across the street would become the site for the Memphis Islamic Center. In other parts of the country, similar announcements became the occasion for hostility and even violence. Dr. Bashar Shala of the MIC joins Dr. Stone to talk about their congregations' journey of friendship.

WKNO’s Behind the Headlines dedicated episodes to American Creed:

Behind the Headlines – Special Edition: American Creed
Madeline Faber, managing editor of High Ground news; Reverend Earle Fisher, pastor for Abyssinian Baptist Church; and local artist Yancy Villa-Calvo join host Eric Barnes for a special edition of Behind the Headlines to discuss the PBS documentary "American Creed" and what it means to be an American.

Behind the Headlines – Immigration & Dreamers
Mauricio Calvo, executive director of Latino Memphis, Dr. John Smarrelli, president CBU, and Jennifer Sciubba, associate professor at Rhodes College discuss immigration and DACA with Bill Dries, senior reporter for the Memphis Daily News, and host Eric Barnes.


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