To Kill a Mockingbird was voted by viewers as America's #1 best-loved novel in The Great American Read.

Visit the website for the full national leaderboard of all 100 books:

And see which books were voted the top three books in Memphis:

1. Harry Potter

2. To Kill a Mockingbird

3. Charlotte's Web


Does your child only like to read comic books - or were you such a kid?
Memphis-based comic book creator Martheus Wade talks about how his early enthusiasm for
comic books, despite his mother's concerns, led him to read more widely - including the novels of
fellow comic book lover Stephen King - and led him to his career.


Does the love of reading run in families? Maybe - and between friends too! WKNO's viewers
are excited to vote for their favorite books, because reading together brings people together!


When the WKNO crew was at Novel, bookseller Christine Guaragno told us about a book that changed her reading habits!


Two Rivers Bookstore in Cooper-Young specializes in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.
Bookstore owner Heather Cee talks about the pleasures of running a bookstore and reveals her own favorite
SF author & series.

While our WKNO crew was out in search of book lovers, we asked booksellers Marjorie, Joanne, and Jamie
at Novel Memphis if they had special books they loved to recommend.

Our WKNO team was out on the town talking to book lovers about the books they love.
We met mystery fan Carol Gandy at Novel Memphis and she told us about the first grown-up book she read on her own.

Our WKNO team was out on the town talking to book lovers about the books they love.
We met Jeff Posson at Novel Memphis. His favorite is one of the books on The Great American Read 100 Books
lists.  #GreatReadPBS

WKNO is joining the  #GreatReadPBS fun.
Our Education Manager Felicia Peat shares her thoughts on one book that made a big impact on her.

Do you have a favorite book? WKNO volunteer Ashley Bonds does.

Do you have a favorite author?
Playhouse on the Square's Courtney Oliver (she's also a WKNO volunteer) sure does!

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