Stephen Tompkinson and Andrea Lowe star as the tenacious and stubborn Chief Inspector Alan Banks and the feisty and headstrong Detective Sergeant Annie Cabbot in thrilling crime stories. The Yorkshire countryside provides a striking and contrasting backdrop to these stories based on the Inspector Banks novels by Peter Robinson.

July 3, 2016 ON WKNO

A husband and daughter struggle to come to terms with their grief when the body of wife and mother Anaan Kamel is found washed up by an underground river. Suspicion falls on Marcus Leyton, a former employee of Anaan and Raheel’s law chambers, who was recently fired by Raheel – especially when texts between her and Marcus suggest an affair which progressed to blackmail on his part. The team struggles to find further information about Marcus, as his records only seem to go back five years. Banks and Helen believe that the family are hiding something when daughter Nafeesah makes up a story about her mother recently falling down the stairs, until she eventually reveals that Anaan’s brother Bilal hit her in an argument over her conduct and wavering faith.

July 10, 2016 ON WKNO

The body of a university undergraduate, Josh Tate, is found dumped in a ravine, stabbed with something like a screwdriver. His flatmate, Spencer, says Josh was the quiet type - he last saw him heading off to his part time job at the uni lab. As the team piece together his movements, a picture emerges of another Josh, who was infatuated with his friend Spencer's lap-dancer girlfriend Melanie, and was also manufacturing the drug "ecstasy" for club owner Fallon with the help of his biochemistry tutor. Helen is unnerved by the arrival of former lover Martin Hexton, an undercover officer who claims to be working a case in Yorkshire, just as her own husband Michael reveals he wants custody of their children. Evidence seems to point to Fallon as Josh's murderer, and the team head to arrest him. But breaking into his flat, they find him badly beaten, and it looks like Hexton might be responsible. Banks is furious with Helen for not revealing the full extent of her relationship with Hexton earlier. She tries to win back his faith by leading him to Hexton’s B and B, but Hexton has disappeared. Unbeknownst to the team, he now appears to be stalking Melanie.

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