Saturday / November 24 / 11:30 AM
Monday / November 26 / 7 PM
Tuesday / November 27 / 7 PM

Journey to the hills of Milton West Virginia and into the heat of the Blenko Glassworks to see first-hand how Blenko handmade glass is created. Blenko Glass - Behind the Scenes takes you start to finish. It begins with the formulation of the raw materials which are then cooked slowly into glowing, molten glass within small, hand-built ovens. Then there is the intricate ballet-like process of the coordinated band of craftsmen deftly coaxing the glowing, molten glass into shape within the fiery furnaces. You even see how your glassware is carefully packed for shipping. Each step accomplished not by machines, but by human hands, eyes, and hearts.

That means that in the process of watching, you’ll meet a wonderful group of people. There are the humble artists and craftspeople who lovingly create each unique piece. There’s young factory manager and company vice-president Katie Trippe who started as an energetic marketing intern not too long ago and ended up earning the respect and devotion of all the Blenko staff. And you’ll get to know the passionate members the Blenko family who have kept the Blenko mystique alive and well for over a hundred years, from 5th generation Stephanie Blenko to the current patriarch, Walter John Blenko, grandson of founder William John Blenko.

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