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Detective Superintendent Andy Dalziel is vulgar, blunt-talking, politically incorrect, and often insensitive. He's from the old school of policing and relies on his instinct, knowledge of human nature and experience to get results. Warren Clarke, one of Britain's best-loved actors, gives a consummate performance as the politically incorrect, no-nonsense copper with a penetrating wit and questionable personal habits.

Dalziel does not suffer fools gladly, but he has even more trouble with what he calls the "smart arses" of this world. So when the inexperienced, soft-spoken, whiz-kid graduate Peter Pascoe (Colin Buchanan) joins his team at Mid-Yorkshire CID, he is in for a rough ride.

Pascoe is the perfect foil as Dalziel's cultured side kick. One of the new breed of career police officers, he is armed with a degree in Social Sciences, a caring attitude and a sharp brain. At first Pascoe is somewhat taken aback by his brash and ballsy boss, but it soon becomes apparent there is more to Andy Dalziel than meets the eye.

The funniest and most endearing team in British crime detection are based on the best-selling novels of award-winning writer, Reginald Hill.

"The Price of Fame" (Pts 1 & 2)
June 14 at 10:00PM - 12:00 Midnight
The body of Efrona Davis (Lisa M Kay), an entertainer at the Wayland Bay Holiday Village, is found washed up on the beach. Efrona is already big news. She was a leading light in the fly-on-the-wall docu-soap, Wayland Baywatch, and had been voted the people's favourite week after week. Normally, this would be a case for Dalziel, but he is at home 'on leave' following a row with the Assistant Chief Commissioner Lawrence (Susan Brown). He has been investigating the abduction of 15-year-old Penny Wilson and is certain that Roy Daynes (Darren Tunstall) is responsible. However, frustrated by lack of evidence and witnesses, and desperate to find the girl before it is too late, he lost his temper and has been thrown off the case.

"Great Escapes" (Pts 1 & 2)
June 21 at 10PM - 12:00 Midnight
Seven years ago, Kate Walker disappeared. Her body was never found, but her husband Charlie (Jack Deam - Coronation Street, Clocking Off) was convicted of her murder on forensic evidence and the testament of the prosecution's key witness, the Walker's 14-year-old neighbour, Sally Craig. Now, Charlie has escaped from prison and Sally (Helen Latham) - who lives and works at the Barguest Inn owned by Mike and Jess Pitman, Kate's mother and stepfather (played by Tim Healy - Auf Wiedersehen, Pet,The Grand and Lynda Bellingham - At Home with the Braithwaites, All Creatures Great and Small) - has disappeared. Her badly mauled body is discovered on the moors. Dalziel and Pascoe have a murder case on their hands.

"Soft Touch" (Pts 1 & 2)
June 28 at 10PM - 12:00 Midnight
Dalziel is even more grumpy than usual.The top brass are threatening to kick him upstairs to a desk job, and he's not sleeping. Pascoe and Spike are on the receiving end of his ill humour, but Dalziel is a detective through and through, so when the body of shoe manufacturer Richard Mattis (James Laurenson) is found on his factory floor, he tries to give his full attention to investigating the murder.

"Heads You Lose" (Pts 1 & 2)
July 5 at 10PM - 12:00 Midnight
Something is seriously amiss at Wetherton Royal Infirmary. Body parts are being dumped in a lake, too many patients are dying and it looks as though two of the staff have been murdered. As the case unravels, Dalziel discovers an uneasy relationship between Wetherton's leading hospital physician and the neurology consultant, not to mention a snake pit of political wranglings with the local business tycoon and the main source of the hospital's funding. Meanwhile, Dalziel is also anxious about Pascoe, who is inside the hospital recovering from a car crash, trying to solve the case and, in the process, losing his heart.

"Dead Meat" (Pts 1 & 2)
July 12 at 10PM - 12:00 Midnight
When an animal rights activist is found dead in the lion cage of a private zoo, Dalziel and Pascoe also find themselves investigating an older murder on the same estate dating back to the 1970s, the prime suspect of which has been missing ever since. But there is more going on at the zoo than meets the eye. How can the zoo afford such an expensively equipped surgery, and what has happened to a Chinese girl who was sent the money to come here? All becomes clear at last when the detectives discover the bodies on the operating table are not always animals.

"The Dig" (Pts 1 & 2)
July 19 at 10PM - 12:00 Midnight
A university archaeological team is racing against time to find an ancient burial site before it is covered by a new village bypass. However, the body they find is only a few months old, and the murderer has removed all traces of the corpse's identity. The only clue is a pair of cufflinks with an ecclesiastical design. The find seems to spark a series of murders and disappearances, one of which has DNA links to a previous murder some years ago, and the man convicted of this crime has just been released from prison.

"Dust Thou Art" (Pts 1 & 2)
July 26 at 10PM - 12:00 Midnight
When the pregnant daughter of wealthy art dealers is kidnapped, PC Jackson is taken prisoner too. Unaware of her plight, Dalziel and Pascoe are investigating the murder of the philandering deputy director of the local Arts Centre. When an art specialist is also found murdered, the detectives uncover a big-money scam involving faked Old Masters. The kidnap, the scam and the murders are connected, but can the detectives solve the case in time to save their colleague, PC 'Janet' Jackson, who is being held captive in a flooding storm drain by a killer?

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