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Detective Superintendent Andy Dalziel is vulgar, blunt-talking, politically incorrect, and often insensitive. He's from the old school of policing and relies on his instinct, knowledge of human nature and experience to get results. Warren Clarke, one of Britain's best-loved actors, gives a consummate performance as the politically incorrect, no-nonsense copper with a penetrating wit and questionable personal habits.

Dalziel does not suffer fools gladly, but he has even more trouble with what he calls the "smart arses" of this world. So when the inexperienced, soft-spoken, whiz-kid graduate Peter Pascoe (Colin Buchanan) joins his team at Mid-Yorkshire CID, he is in for a rough ride.

Pascoe is the perfect foil as Dalziel's cultured side kick. One of the new breed of career police officers, he is armed with a degree in Social Sciences, a caring attitude and a sharp brain. At first Pascoe is somewhat taken aback by his brash and ballsy boss, but it soon becomes apparent there is more to Andy Dalziel than meets the eye.

The funniest and most endearing team in British crime detection are based on the best-selling novels of award-winning writer, Reginald Hill.

"Men's Sauna" (Pts 1 & 2)
May 3 at 10:30PM
When an elderly woman is found dead in her bath at a private health clinic, Dalziel is frustrated that he is still officially convalescing after his heart attack. Pascoe takes command, so Dalziel books himself into the clinic in the hope of mixing business with pleasure, and picking up the odd clue along the way. While Dalziel gets more than he has bargained for, Pascoe is falling for someone who should be beyond suspicion.

"Sins of the Father" (Pts 1 & 2)
May 10 at 10PM
A priest is murdered in a tiny village, the site of a widely publicized ‘miracle’ cure only weeks earlier. Dalziel and Pascoe find a community racked with division and superstition. Searching for their prime suspect, they find instead another corpse – a little girl, murdered some 40 years ago. Driving through the ancient Angel Woods one night, Sue Blackstone knocks down a stranger. When she returns to the scene with the police, the man has disappeared. Instead, there’s another body – a young priest, murdered. Called in to investigate, Dalziel and Pascoe discover that Angel Woods is the site of the Angel Oak, a tree associated with miracles.

"For Love Nor Money" (Pts 1 & 2)
May 17 at 10PM
A retired detective is found dead on his favorite golf course, in what appears to be a copycat murder. Dalziel is busy pursuing his old quarry, a well-known local villain, but is thrown off the case, accused of becoming obsessive. While Pascoe unravels a tale of bribery and trial-fixing, Dalziel uncovers an even more shameful history of deception on his own team... Dalziel and Pascoe attend a retirement party for a senior colleague, Donald Fitzgerald. Dalziel is distinctly unhappy; he cannot forgive Fitzgerald for losing a recent court case against local villain and long-standing adversary Danny Macer. He is even angrier when Macer turns up to celebrate, but anger turns to suspicion when Fitzgerald is found dead on a golf course the following morning.

"A Game of Soldiers" (Pts 1 & 2)
May 24 at 10PM
When the body of smart American tourist, Nancy d’Amato (Deborah Weston), is found in a roadside ditch, Dalziel and Pascoe are called in to work alongside the local detectives. The murder appears apparently motiveless; there was no robbery, no sexual assault, and very few physical clues apart from a bloodstained handkerchief. The case reunites Dalziel with an old love. Detective Sergeant Jenny Ettrick (Phyllis Logan – Lovejoy) and he got together during “the summer of love” in 1967 when they were two probationers on the beat. Seeing Jenny after 35 years rekindles the flame for Dalziel and he starts to nurture the hope that he has finally found someone to settle down with, particularly as Jenny is a divorcee and very happy to have him back in her life. The investigation into Nancy’s death starts at The Three Ravens, the select country hotel where Nancy was staying. The owner, Charles Stubbs (Charles Lawson – Coronation Street), is excessively concerned about not alarming guests and annoys Dalziel by banning him from smoking inside. Nancy’s room is pristine; she obviously had not slept there the night she was killed.

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