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Drop 7 Foods, Feel Better Fast! With JJ Virgins joins several other new and exciting television productions.
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"Your body is not a bank account, it's a chemistry lab." - JJ Virgin

WKNO- TV presents the broadcast premiere of Drop 7 Foods, Feel Better Fast! introducing JJ Virgin, one of the nation's most prominent nutrition and fitness experts. She describes how food intolerance can be the root cause for weight-loss inabilities and the direct cause for a myriad number of ailments that plague the average American.

In the program, JJ Virgin discusses how food intolerance is a dynamic response and not a fixable condition and presents a method to discover a path to better health by eliminating foods that are often the culprits in food intolerance.

JJ presents seven foods that are responsible for lack of sleep, inability to lose weight, and not looking and feeling your best. She discusses how to recognize the effect of the seven foods and how to stop their destructive effects on the body's system.

To learn more about JJ Virgin visit her web site.

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