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Based on the short stories by G K Chesterton, Father Brown follows the kindly cleric as he solves crimes in his community. It is a quintessentially English world: drawing rooms in large country houses, miles of countryside, village halls and secret gardens, as well as country fairs, railway stations and rural parish churches.

Each episode sees the enigmatic priest investigate a crime in his own particular way, using intuition and psychology. Father Brown discovers the truth of a crime by looking into the truth of the soul – the passions, dark secrets, hidden desires.

Many years spent hearing his parishioners’ confessions have given him an uncanny insight into the origins of evil and the workings of the criminal mind. But the stories are not concerned with judgment – Father Brown is more interested in saving souls than in bringing the guilty to justice.

Full of humor and compassion, but with a big dramatic twist each time, this series remains true to the period charm of the original character and setting while bringing a sharp contemporary edge to the storytelling.

The Blue Cross
International thief Flambeau (John Light) forewarns Father Brown of his intention to steal the priceless relic, The Blue Cross, from St Mary's. To pre-empt the theft, Brown takes the cross in what becomes a battle of wits between the two men. The climax reveals a connection between the two men, when Brown as a 17-year-old soldier at Flanders fought in the Great War before taking Holy orders. First appearance of John Light as Hercule Flambeu. Final appearance of Kasia Koleczek as Susie Jasinski.

Mon, 3/21 at 9:00 PM
Tue, 3/22 at Midnight

The Ghost in the Machine
Father Brown investigates the disappearance of a parishioner, Charlotte McKinley, who believed she was being haunted by her sister who had disappeared nine years previously. Husband Victor (Andrew Havill), a struck-off doctor, is arrested as being responsible for the murder of both women. Final appearance of Hugo Speer as Inspector Valentine. First appearance of Tom Chambers as Inspector Sullivan.

Mon, 3/28 at 9:00 PM
Tue, 3/29 at Midnight

The Maddest of All
Ex-serviceman Felix Underwood (Peter Bramhill), a mental patient at the Danvers Retreat, dies suddenly in the street. Events take an unusual turn when he returns to life two days later at his church committal. Father Brown assists Inspector Sullivan to discover the reason for the resurrection, and gets himself committed for mental problems.

Mon, 4/04 at 9:00 PM
Tue, 4/05 at Midnight

The Mask of the Demon
Lady Felicia knows the Hollywood star Rex Bishop who is in Kembleford filming a "B" movie The Brides of the Demon. He invites Father Brown and Mrs McCarthy, a fan of Bishop, to view the filming. Tensions are evident between the film's participants, the director, his actress wife, a starlet, Rex Bishop, and the writer. The director is found dead wearing a demon's mask and Inspector Mallory does not appreciate Father Brown's help. First appearance of Jack Deam as Inspector Mallory.

Mon, 4/18 at 9:00 PM
Tue, 4/19 at Midnight

The Brewers Daughter
Sid falls for Grace Fitzgerald, the married heiress to a brewery and is her alibi when Mallory arrests her for murdering her father in a fire. Fitzgerald refusing to use Sid as an alibi asks Father Brown to search for the real killer and he uncovers evidence that Fitzgerald's husband and her younger sister killed the father. The suicide and a note left by another lover of Fitzgerald complicates the issue as he had been sacked by her husband when he caught them kissing.

Mon, 4/25 at 9:00 PM
Tue, 4/26 at Midnight

The Hangman’s Demise
A mother confronts a former hangman, Henry Lee, at his wedding anniversary about her son he executed, for murdering a court secretary, a year ago. An execution where the condemned man whispered to Lee who the killer was. The following morning Lee is poisoned with Hemlock. His friend George, an ex policeman, is arrested and released. The mother, recently released from prison, is arrested and a motive for Lee's wife emerges. Father Brown untangles a web of deceit and corruption in the police as Lee lays dying.

Mon, 5/02 at 9:00 PM
Tue, 5/03 at Midnight

The Crockpot of the Empire
Father Brown is apprehensive when he receives an invitation to a party given by the recently released Uncle Mirth, a former music hall comedian, Brown helped to put in an asylum. When Brown and the other invitees arrive at the venue, a derelict warehouse, he and Mirth's brother find envelopes containing their death certificates. Inspector Mallory finds another death certificate for a second brother who had died of a heart attack outside the Presbytery the previous day.

Mon, 5/10 at 9:00 PM
Tue, 5/09 at Midnight

The Daughter of Autolycus

Father Brown knows the Pope's coronation gift to the Queen of a priceless cross is too tempting to Flambeau and Brown convinces the Bishop to let him guard it. Flambeau arrives on Brown's doorstep seeking his help to steal the cross to save the life of his daughter he has never met; kidnapped by Flambeau's criminal partner he once left for dead. Before they can steal the cross it goes missing from the Bishop's Palace. Brown has underestimated Papal politics, Flambeau's daughter, and the consciences of men.

Mon, 5/16 at 9:00 PM
Tue, 5/17 at Midnight

The Rod of Asclepius
Lady Felicia's reckless driving lands her and Mrs. McCarthy in adjoining hospital beds. A new admittance to the ward dies the following morning on the operating table. A nurse claims it is murder and is found dead the same afternoon forcing Inspector Mallory to do more than his first cursory investigation. Father Brown follows a different line of inquiry and Lady Felicia and Mrs. McCarthy's snooping put the latter in danger on the same operating table.

Mon, 5/23 at 9:00 PM
Tue, 5/24 at Midnight

The Missing Man
A pilot returns from the dead after eight years as Father brown is about to marry his wife to his brother. No one, except his daughter, is pleased to see him; especially his father who believes him to be a deserter. When he is found shot in the head, Inspector Mallory charges his wife after blood stained women's clothing are found; while the daughter's claims another woman entered the house are dismissed. Father Brown finds a visiting card for a cross-dressing bar and realizes who the real killer is and that they cannot be exposed.

Mon, 5/30 at 9:00 PM
Tue, 5/31 at Midnight

The Resurrectionists
Father Brown is puzzled when the grave of a recent burial is opened and the body is missing; only for it to turn up at a different undertakers. Inspector Mallory is even more mystified as the victim died of decapitation, in a motor cycle accident, with no sign of the injury. The undertaker is arrested and the animosity between him and the victim’s mother is for all to see. Father Brown uncovers the reason behind their hatred and the forbidden love the victim had for the undertakers daughter.

Mon, 6/06 at 9:00 PM
Tue, 6/07 at Midnight

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