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Based on the short stories by G K Chesterton, Father Brown follows the kindly cleric as he solves crimes in his community. It is a quintessentially English world: drawing rooms in large country houses, miles of countryside, village halls and secret gardens, as well as country fairs, railway stations and rural parish churches.

Each episode sees the enigmatic priest investigate a crime in his own particular way, using intuition and psychology. Father Brown discovers the truth of a crime by looking into the truth of the soul – the passions, dark secrets, hidden desires.

Many years spent hearing his parishioners’ confessions have given him an uncanny insight into the origins of evil and the workings of the criminal mind. But the stories are not concerned with judgment – Father Brown is more interested in saving souls than in bringing the guilty to justice.

Full of humor and compassion, but with a big dramatic twist each time, this series remains true to the period charm of the original character and setting while bringing a sharp contemporary edge to the storytelling.

The Shadow of the Scaffold (June 30)
Violet Fernsley is due to hang for killing her violent husband Ivan but Father Brown believes in her innocence. The Fernsley family close ranks, but the priest is puzzled by the fact that Polish farmhand Piotr Symanski disappeared around the time of the murder and also seems to have been slain. Ivan’s brothers’ squabbling over possession of his farm seems to incriminate one or both, whilst Sullivan is suspicious of the fact that prison warder Charlie Denham is Violet’s lover. Father Brown naturally deduces that the real murderer is the least likely suspect.

The Mysteries of the Rosary (July 7)
Professor Ambrose is abducted after sending his friend Father Brown an ancient prayer book which supposedly can locate the long disappeared Lannington rosary, said to hold healing powers. Aided by Lady Felicia’s chauffeur Sid the priest uses the book to find clues which will lead him to the rosary.

The Daughters of Jerusalem (July 14)
The father is laid up with a broken leg, straight-laced young Father Roland standing in for him. When unpopular village gossip Mrs. Bunyon is killed after a row at a cake baking contest Mrs. McCarthy and Lady Felicia gather evidence for Father Brown to unmask the murderer - who has also killed Mrs. Bunyon’s baking rival Vera Thimble.

The Three Tools of Death (July 21)
Alice Armstrong is receiving electric shock treatment for memory loss after her accidental shooting her mother. Six weeks after her mother’s death her father Sir Aaron is also found dead from a blow to the head, his hands tied.

The Prize of Colonel Gerard (July 28)
Ex-colonel Gerard is poisoned after arguing with his nephew Edward. Edward is a former POW from Korea and the colonel claims he has been brain-washed but Edward sticks to his story that Gerard killed his father in order to marry his widow Ada.

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