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Saturday / May 4 / 1:30 PM
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Our Friend Mr. Chuck, produced by Pierre Kimsey, is the story of Charles A. “Chuck” Scruggs, told largely in his own words. The story takes him through his childhood in Chattanooga, Tennessee and follows him through his broadcast career to Cincinnati, San Francisco and eventually Memphis where he became an icon to thousands of Mid-South children.

The show highlights how Chuck’s career allowed him to see his responsibility as a broadcaster. He spent his life using broadcast as a tool for change

.“I was certain there was a need for Mr. Chuck,” said Shawn Kelly, former producer of Hello Mr. Chuck! “People want to watch TV; they want to be entertained; they want their MTV, but they need someone like Mr. Chuck. They need sincerity and a kind voice. They need to know some things are real, and Mr. Chuck was real, not a TV character that could be turned off. In the simplest of words, he was a black man who invested his life’s energy to be an example and an advocate for our children. We will always need that.”

“We may now begin living in a community where there is no Mr. Chuck,” said Michael LaBonia, WKNO President & CEO. “But his legacy will always be here. Mr. Chuck will always be alive in our minds and hearts.”

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