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In the Making | American Masters

Follow two performers as they break down barriers in opera and country music.

Watch Friday, March 24 at 8:00 PM on WKNO/Channel 10.

The Movement and the Madman | American Experience

Discover the story of the 1969 showdown between President Nixon and the antiwar movement.

Watch Tuesday, March 28 at 8:00 pm on WKNO/Channel 10.

Einstein's Quantum Riddle | NOVA

Join physicists as they capture light from across the universe in a bid to prove Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance.”

Watch Wednesday, March 29 at 8:00 pm on WKNO/Channel 10.

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The Ghost Writer

When a successful ghostwriter, the Ghost (Ewan McGregor), agrees to finish the memoirs of Adam Long (Pierce Brosnan), England's former prime minister, his publisher assures him it's the chance of a lifetime. Instead, he begins to uncover evidence that suggests his late predecessor knew a dark secret about Lang and may have been murdered to prevent it from coming to light.

Airs Friday, March 24 at 10:00 PM on WKNO/Channel 10

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