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WKNO's Teacher Teacher

WKNO's Teacher Teacher, the Southern Queen of fun and learning, is a whimsical character created from the heart and soul of our Education & Outreach Manager, Felicia Peat.

After long days of teaching little ones during camps, a vision that replayed in Peat’s mind made her smile. The pats of little hands and small voices crying out repeatedly, "Hey teacher, teacher…!"

Then later being embraced by those same little hands in tight hugs of gratitude was always so special.

That is when she decided that she wanted to be the "Teacher Teacher" who would work to let all children know that no matter who they are or where they come from, they are loved.

Today she spends her days doing just that, reminding children all around town that "they are smart" and “they are loved.” Invite WKNO's Teacher Teacher to your next school family night, community, or church event.

You may request her to read a book, tell a story, demonstrate an engaging science experiment, or just walk around and take pictures and give hugs to your students and families. One thing you can be sure of - she will surely share her love of learning with them all.

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Felicia Peat
(901) 729-8725

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Book Adventures, Silly Science and Math Minutes

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Book Adventures

Dive into unique storytelling by different authors with WKNO's Teacher Teacher.

Silly Science

Expand your curiosity by learning and trying fun science experiments with WKNO's Teacher Teacher.

Math Minutes

Learning math has never been so much fun and engaging with WKNO's Teacher Teacher.

Felicia Peat, WKNO’s Education and Outreach Manager was interviewed by cityCurrent Director of Digital Media, Andrew Bartolotta, for the cityCurrent radio show. 

WKNO's Teacher, Teacher

Saving Money

WKNO's Teacher Teacher visits JA Biztown to learn about saving money. . .

WKNO's  Teacher Teacher invites you to join the fun of learning with Outreach Lessons.

To schedule an in-school field-trip for your school contact:
Felicia Peat
(901) 729-8725