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WKNO's Teacher Teacher Outreach Lessons

1. Sensational Seussical Science Jamboree
(Pre-K – 3rd grade)
Math, Science, Literacy
Students will balance, count, add, and observe chemical reactions, using Dr. Seuss.

2. Matter Matters . . . It’s Just a Phase!
(Pre-K – 5th grade)
Students will explore a laboratory of solid, liquid, and gaseous fun.

3. The Cloud Patrol
(Pre-K – 3 rd grade)
Science, Literacy
Students will learn about clouds and study how to identify the cirrus, stratus, and cumulus clouds.

4. Team Extreme Olympics
(Pre-K – 5 th grade)
Math, Science
Students will participate in a fun-filled workout of precision, coordination and an extreme test of the fine muscle group.

5. Around the World in Music
(KK – 5th grade)
Social Studies
Students will learn the importance of music in several cultures.

To schedule an in-school field-trip for your school contact:
Felicia Peat
(901) 729-8725