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Gallery 1091 - November 2021

Gallery Ten Ninety-One is pleased to present

"A Walk in the Parks" by Larry Hughes


If you would like to make a purchase or have any questions, please contact:

Amy McDaniel at (901) 729-8722 or


Graces of the Guadalupes

Artist: Larry Hughes
Medium: charcoal
Size: 13x30 (Framed)
Price: NFS
The Guadalupe Mountains rise so sharply off the desert floor that they often create their own weather system. Early one morning, garlands of fog graced the mountains, and I ran out the door without a coat into the freezing air to capture the moment. The emotional grip of that morning inspired this studio drawing.

Breath of Wilderness

Artist: Larry Hughes
Medium: charcoal
Size: 17x23  (Unframed)
Price: $900
An image from that lovely morning of foggy grace during my 2014 residency at Guadalupe Mountains NP.

Gypsum Dunes, Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Artist: Larry Hughes
Medium: watercolor
Size: 11.5x30 (Framed)
Price: $3,200
On the west side of the Park, an expanse of dunes and Chihuahua desert plants provides a luxurious display of light and shadow. And the reward on the way back to the Park residence was stopping off at a ma-and-pa Mexican restaurant in Dell City for the best Chile Rellenos that have ever blessed my palate.

Hazy Afternoon at Dog Canyon

Artist: Larry Hughes
Medium: oil
Size: 12x16 (Framed)
Price: $800
On the remote backside of the Guadalupes is Dog Canyon, where the Park has a residence. Such splendid isolation here - maybe saw 3 or 4 people a day. The rocks and fall color from the occasional Maple (yes, Virginia, there are Maples in west Texas!) caught the afternoon light.


Spreading Dawn, Blue Mesa Overlook

Artist: Larry Hughes
Medium: Watercolor
Size: 24.5x22.5 (Unframed)
Price: $3,500
This started more loosely and wet than I normally work, and after a day I abandoned it as a failure. Months later I came across it in a discard pile and wondered, hmm… I wonder if? It took off from there. The stream shapes carry the design and made it a keeper. It ended up doing rather well in awards at state and national watercolor exhibitions.