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About the Artist

Gallery Ten Ninety-One is pleased to present

"My Backyard and Other Exotic Places"


Educated and trained as a physician, my art education began by observing my mother as she was a classic fine artist. I am, for the most part, self-taught, and remember her techniques as I avidly watched her create beautiful works as a young girl. My areas of interest are seascapes, bay views, landscapes, and portraiture working in primary oils, with some acrylics. Primarily being a representational artist but utilizing elements of Impressionism and Tonalism is how my world is painted. 

My focus in painting was rekindled after a pause, then retired as a physician. I am an active member of the Bartlett Art Association, Artists’ Link, Memphis Germantown Art League, and The Joe Center for the Arts in Port St. Joe, FL where we have had a second home for years. I have exhibited or demonstrated with these organizations at various venues including the Memphis Botanic Garden, St. George Episcopal Church in Germantown, WKNO Gallery 1091, Incognito at Memphis Botanic Garden, Mid-South Artist Gallery, Collierville Nocturne Plein Air. I attend various Plein air events in the Port St. Joe and St. George Island areas. The Gulf inspires much of my art. 


Hicks lives in Lakeland, TN and was born in Tupelo, MS,  just like Elvis.  She says she started making her art so long ago, she "can’t remember when". She has always been drawing something.  Barbara usually works alone in her home studio.  "I really miss my sweet lab who was my helper."  Currently, she is trying to learn Plein air to loosen up a little.   Her experiences include illustrating several books for writers who were self-publishing.  Also, many portraits of animals. 

​Like many artists, she seems to be driven to paint.  "God gifted me with a talent I try to use to glorify Him." She admires John Singer Sargent, Norman Rockwell, and many modern wildlife artists.  Barbara does not have much formal art training. She attended the Contemporary Realist Academy briefly.  She also had workshops with Mary Minifie and with Adrian Gottlieb. She is mostly taught by trial and error and "lots of practice". 

She paints in oils, painting realistic birds, animals, and children. The thought-provoking titles of her works are entertaining as well as introspective. Her goal is to completely capture the animal or individual and works until she has completed the work satisfactorily for her client.   


Lindsey is a retired artist utilizing her multimedia painting and drawing skills for over 40 years. Her work has been highlighted in sets for the entertainment industry while she continued to produce paintings sold to private collections. She has a degree in Fine Arts Education and gained extensive experience in the visual merchandising field. Examples of her work can be seen at  

Katie worked her way up through the Walt Disney Company during 20 years of service.   She was a project manager and head of the Decorating Department at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.  The last two years of her career were as a senior manager for Disney Publication and Merchandise in Tokyo, Japan. 
Her home and studio are in Munford Tennessee.  Katie’s current focus is local landscape painting in acrylic and oils.  Artists who have inspired her are Gorges Seurat, Wayne Thiebaud and Gustave Caillebotte.  She is a ‘colorist’ and enjoys the immediate impact of color from a subject in natural light. 

Katie is currently the President of the Bartlett Art Association.    

A percentage of sales benefit WKNO. If you would like to make a purchase or have any questions, please contact Amy McDaniel at

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