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About the Artists

Suzanne Evans

At thirteen days old, Suzanne was adopted by a loving couple. Her adopted Father was a Medical Professor at U.T. Memphis for forty-two years, and her adopted Mother ran an in-home childcare center for over 30 years. Her love of art began as a child growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, when she attended a private school and learned perspective, drawing, color composition, etc. She was taught the art of piano and classical music at a young age. Music and movement influence her brush strokes on canvas and paper. 


She thought her world had just ended when she was placed in the hospital in 2016. She had lost her eyesight due to migraines. After four weeks and regaining 70% of her vision, she vowed never take life for granted. Determined to enjoy the beauty of the world surrounding her, she began hiking, kayaking, taking in all the colors and textures that nature freely gives us. Studying great Master artists including Vincent Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, William De Kooning, Helen Frankenthaler, and Grace Hartigan gave her inspiration to follow her dreams. 


As a member of Memphis Germantown Art League and Artists’ Link, she participates in several local charity and exhibition events. She continues to study art, enjoying travel, and all the beauty the world has to offer. Suzanne hopes her work enables the viewer to connect with her art as if the worldly surroundings have grown silent, and what matters at that given moment is the feeling, sensation, emotion, and spirituality that a person might experience. 


Artist Statement

Expressing emotions sometimes may be difficult for some, but for myself, I enjoy using acrylics and oil pastels to create multi-layered emotional compositions. One of the things that amazes me most in creating art is the movement of my hands becoming more like a musical conductor when he is conducting an orchestra. Every piece I create is an extension of my inner self. Balancing both the past and the present using bold colors and textural layers help to create such expressive abstract works of art. Combining different ideas and constructing them into a beautiful moving piece is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. To visualize the movement of the music and transpose those movements of rhythm, melody, and color into my painting are intuitive strokes of beauty. 


If a viewer takes a moment to stop and reflect on one of my pieces, then I have accomplished what I set out to accomplish. The accomplishment being that there is a connection between the viewer and the painting. Composition takes careful planning and consideration on canvas and paper. My paintings give the audience the feeling of rhythm and movement as if one were standing in the midst of a field or orchestra. Without the ability to visualize an idea or concept, no form of art would ever truly exist. 

Suzanne Evans

You may contact Suzanne Evans: 



Connie Lampen

My journey holding a paint brush began at the age of 17. Art opened many doors as a young woman. I am a transplanted ‘Yankee’ from a very small town in Southern Illinois. When I arrived in Memphis in the mid-60’s, I did not eat turnip greens or say you’ll. I did bring a smile and a love of art with me. Memphis has become my home! After 26 years of service, I retired from FedEx, December, 2003. Retired and excited, I decided to paint with a purpose! Spending time with a brush in my hand gives me a priceless gift. It is the gift of sharing and giving beauty and healing to others. Art is healing. I have experienced this in my life. 


The ‘healing of art’ came as I placed my faith within the strokes and applied layers of colors to each canvas. Asking for guidance in life is very important. My heart and hand are guided. I know as I complete each piece, the sale or donation to help others is forthcoming according to God’s will. When painting a commissioned piece or one for exhibition, the first thing I do is pray. 


Therefore, painting is my passion and my ministry to help others. The gift of painting allows me the privilege of painting an abstract that is filled with serenity, a portrait filled with love, and nature filled with peace and tranquility. YES, art is healing! Touching a person’s life with kindness, encouragement, caring is utmost and priceless. 



Artist BIO 

Retiring from FedEx after 26 years of service, Ms. Lampen is now following her passion to 'touch' lives with color. 

She is a member of Artists’ Link, Bartlett Art League (BAA), and the Memphis Germantown Art League (MGAL). Her paintings are also available on Fine Art America 

https:// on her website 

Her work has been displayed in numerous art galleries & decorative arts/custom furnishing companies, & local organizations. 

She values the following locations: 


Methodist North Hospital, ICU unit in Memphis 

Living Water International Headquarters in Texas 




Solo Artist for builder in Vista Home Show, 2006 

Featured Artist for Shelby Residential & Vocational Services Foundation, 2008 Sold custom glassware in the Peabody Hotel, 2015 

Exhibit - Playhouse on the Square, 2019 Exhibit - Playhouse on the Square, 2022 Exhibit - Playhouse on the Square, June, 2023 Exhibit - WKNO, May 2023 

Today she enjoys painting each day, exhibiting her art locally; and above all, donating to local charities and organizations. 



Artist Statement 

“Painting is truly my passion. My quest is to place peace in each stroke of my brush. Blending abstract with reality, I strive to place movement plus a message of tranquility & comfort within the colors of each painting. I believe art is healing in many ways. Making a connection with a person’s heart and giving hope in our ever-changing world is my goal.” 

A percentage of sales benefit WKNO. If you would like to make a purchase or have any questions, please contact Amy McDaniel at

(901) 729-8722 or