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How to Take Action

Federal funding ensures that WKNO can continue to give you access to essential educational, local, and cultural programming; trustworthy, in-depth news; and emergency and community-based services. Here are three things you can do today to keep public media strong.

Urge Congress: Match the President’s Budget Proposals

The President’s FY 2025 budget request recommends increasing public media funding. To ensure public media remains a vital and vibrant public service, we need Congress to match this commitment.

Why Getting Lawmakers on Record Supporting Public Media is Vital

Congressional letters endorsing public media funding are circulating Congress. Discover why these letters are crucial to identify champions and advance irreplaceable funding.

Learn About the Programs that Power Public Media

Explore the federal programs that enable your local public media stations to bring you quality programming and services.

PBS Beyond The Screen: How Well Do You Know Us?

PBS and member stations serve communities in ways you might not realize.

Did You Know?

Protect My Public Media (PMPM) is an action network of Americans who advocate for federal public media funding.

Public media reaches over 95% of Americans, providing free over-the-air programs and services to virtually every community in the U.S.

Without federal funding many stations would cease to exist, meaning the end to critical local news, culture, history, and emergency communications.

Public media funding represents about .01 percent of the federal budget.

Urge Congress: Match the President’s Budget Proposals

Public media is not just another channel, it’s a lifeline for communities across the country. Your advocacy can ensure that this indispensable service continues to thrive.

The President’s Fiscal Year 2025 budget request recommends increasing Corporation for Public Broadcasting funding and maintaining essential support for other public media grant programs. Now, we need Congress to match this commitment.

As Congress defines its own budget agenda in the weeks ahead, your outreach can significantly impact our effort to secure essential resources to sustain and strengthen public media for generations to come. Enter your information and follow the prompts to urge your Members of Congress to support the President’s budget proposals.

For about $1.60 per person each year, more than 1,500 locally operated public radio and television stations deliver a wealth of trusted local journalism, researched-based educational children’s media resources and learning experiences, cultural enrichment, and crucial alerts and warnings to virtually every corner of our country.

Together, we can ensure that public media remains a vibrant and vital public service for Americans of all ages. Email your Members of Congress now.

How to send your message:
Fill out your information in the blue box on the right side of your screen. Select ‘Send Your Emails.’ All fields are mandated by your congressional offices to receive your message. Pre-populated messages that you can customize will appear in the blue box. Once you’re satisfied with your message, scroll down and select ‘Send Your Emails’ again.