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WKNO Coverage of the 113th TN State Legislature in Session

WKNO and Tennessee's other public television stations are working together to make coverage of State Government widely available. This year, WKNO is bringing our viewers coverage of the 113th TN State Legislature in Session, airing LIVE when possible. The legislative session is scheduled to convene Tuesday, January 10, 2023. Generally, legislative sessions return in mid-January and run through late April or early May of each year. The broadcast times will change from week to week based on the House and the Senate schedules. Further video of committee meetings and other legislative activity is available online at the Tennessee General Assembly website.

Coverage of the Legislative Sessions will be aired locally on WKNO2 (10.2 and on Comcast Digital Channel 910 and Channel 1150) unless otherwise noted.

Monday, January 30

4:00 PM - Senate: Floor Session (Live)

5:00 PM - House: Floor Session (Live)

Tuesday, January 31

8:00 AM - House: Transportation Committee (Live)

8:30 AM - Senate: Finance, Ways & Means Committee (Live)

9:00 AM - House: Commerce Committee (Live)

10:30 AM - Senate: State & Local Government Committee (Live)

11:30 AM - House: Insurance Committee (Tape Delayed)

12:00 PM - House: Agriculture & Natural Resources Subcommittee (Tape Delayed)

1:00 PM - Senate: Senate Commerce & Labor Committee (Live)

2:00 PM - House: Criminal Justice Subcommittee (Tape Delayed)

3:00 PM - Senate: Judiciary Committee (Live)

Wednesday, February 1

10:00 AM - House: Floor Session (Live)

9:30 AM - Senate: Government Operations Committee (Tape Delayed)

10:30 AM - Senate: Transportation & Safety Committee (Live)

11:30 AM - House: Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee (Tape Delayed)

12:00 PM - Senate: Energy, Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee (Tape Delayed)

12:30 PM - House: Finance, Ways & Means Committee (Tape Delayed)

1:30 PM - House: Education Administration (Live)

3:00 PM - Senate: Education Committee (Live)

4:00 PM - House: Health Committee (Tape Delayed)

Thursday, February 2

8:30 AM - Senate: Floor Session (Live)

9:00 AM - House: Floor Session (Live)

10:00 AM - Senate: Health & Welfare Committee (Tape Delayed)

11:00 AM - House: Finance, Ways & Means Committee (Tape Delayed)

12:00 PM - House: Education Instruction (Tape Delayed)

1:00 PM - House: Criminal Justice Committee (Tape Delayed)

Friday, February 3


This project is funded under an agreement with the Tennessee General Assembly.