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Grantchester - Season 2

Season 2

Episode 1

Sidney is suspected of murder. But then so are a fellow priest, a photographer, and a classmate of the victim. Geordie makes up his mind about who will hang. . .

Season 2

Episode 2

A professor dies in a suspicious fall. A government agent warns Geordie to back off the case. Meanwhile, Sidney is warned off an old flame but finds a new prospect. . .

Season 2

Episode 3

Sidney and Geordie answer a false alarm, which turns into a real murder investigation. Amanda gets into trouble. Things get more serious with Margaret. . .

Season 2

Episode 4

An apparent suicide leads Sidney to perform an exorcism. Gary goes on trial. Leonard bets on a longshot. Margaret makes her move. Amanda confronts her lost love. . .

Season 2

Episode 5

Will Gary go to the gallows? Will Geordie go to prison? Are Sidney and Geordie’s crime fighting days over? The case of a suspicious death takes a surprising turn. . .

Season 2

Episode 6

Sidney seeks oblivion. His friend Sam seeks forgiveness. A dead girl’s parents seek revenge. Amanda seeks Sidney. Leonard finally takes a stand. . .