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Treasures From the Vault

A celebration of some wonderful history celebrating Memphis's 200th birthday in 2019 presented by The Pink Palace Museum and WKNO-TV.

Treasures from the vault

Abe Plough

Abe Plough started a pharmaceutical company empire when he was very young by brewing up his own concoctions at home. . .

Treasures from the vault

W. C. Handy

Handy was born in Alabama and lived in many places, but his big breakthrough came when he moved to Memphis in 1909. . .

Treasures from the vault

Clyde Parke Circus

Memphian Clyde Parker spent countless hours creating the miniature circus that is now back on exhibit at The Pink Palace. . .

Treasures from the vault


70 million years ago the Mid-South was under water, during what is called the Mississippi Embayment, as a bay of the Gulf of Mexico. . .

Treasures from the Vault

Phoebe Omlie

Phoebe Omlie was a Memphis-based pioneer female pilot in the early 20th century. . .

Treasures from the Vault

Lichterman Nature Center

Lichterman Nature Center is a member of the Pink Palace family where you can explore the area’s unique natural history right in the middle of town. . .

Treasures from the Vault

Clarence Saunders

The Pink Palace Mansion was built by Piggly Wiggly founder Clarence Saunders, beginning in 1922. . .

Treasures from the Vault

Mallory-Neely House

The Mallory Neely House allows you to experience the lives of the five families who lived here beginning in 1852. . .

treasures from the vault

‘Ol Betsy

‘Ol Betsy was a printing press used by the Memphis Commercial-Appeal and Press-Scimitar during the days of hand set hot type. . .