Memphis Memoirs

Memphis Memoirs: Historic Homes

This show will take you on a tour of historic homes from Downtown Memphis through Midtown to the far reaches of Shelby County. What makes a home historic? In some cases, it's the age, the architecture and the beauty of an antebellum mansion that was built by hand before the Civil War. In other cases it's the enduring craftsmanship of a sturdy farmhouse constructed from the trees that were on the land, back when Union, Poplar and Lamar were dirt roads. And sometimes, there's nothing special about the architecture, nothing fancy or expensive in the construction; but someone who changed the course of history, perhaps a teenage boy with a guitar once lived within those walls.

Among other homes, we'll visit the Hunt-Phelan House, a veritable time capsule that looks almost exactly like it looked on the day when Union forces took it over and Gen. Ulysses Grant planned the Battle of Vicksburg inside. We'll take a look at the stunning frescoed ceilings of the Annesdale Mansion, the detailed plasterwork that graces Memphis Theological Seminary, and the Greek-inspired front room where E.H. "Boss" Crump once received his visitors (and entertained his little granddaughter). But the show is not just about the grand houses of Memphis' wealthiest citizens; we will also look inside humble little rooms where history was made; where a long-ago bride scratched her name on a windowpane; where a family with five children had only a fireplace for warmth. And we'll show you a few "Lost Memphis Houses" that are gone now, but had their place in local history.
Thurs, 06/13 at 11:00 PM
Fri, 06/14 at 3:30 AM
Mon, 06/17 at 2:30 AM

Memphis Memoirs: Beyond the Parkways

Memphis Memoirs: Beyond the Parkways takes a look at the development of the major streets in Memphis, and how they formed a city rich in history and community. The program takes viewers from the interstate highway to small streets such as Perkins, Lamar, and Elvis Presley Boulevard to offer the history of their legendary namesakes. Throughout the hour-long documentary, viewers will also travel back in time to the golden age of the American car and visit the city's most traveled street Poplar, which started out as an Indian hunting trail.
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Memphis Memoirs: Stax - The Early Years

WKNO Looks at the Birth of the "Memphis Sound" in a new documentary on Stax Records. WKNO's popular Memphis Memoirs series will look at the birth of this iconic label in Stax - The Early Years. It's produced by Bill and Tess Carrier, the award-winning team from API Cine. From the illuminating history of Stax, written by Rob Bowman, to the illustrative archival photography lensed by API Photographers, the engaging story of Soulsville USA will be set to motion. The story of Stax documents not only the origins of the world famous "Memphis Sound," but also the pre-civil rights cooperative spirit of southern blacks and whites - who worked together to create a cultural phenomenon.
Stax - The Early Years includes interviews with participants and archival photography to share the story of the birth and legacy of Stax Records. In Stax - The Early Years, we discover how Stax got its name changed from Satellite Records in 1961, and how James Stewart and Estell Axton, brother & sister, founded the company. We'll see how WLOK's exposure of "Green Onions" boosted the careers of Al Jackson, Steve Cropper, Booker T and Lewis Steinberg, and how the Hamond B2 enhanced the sound.

We'll take a journey with Otis Redding and his unique voice and gospel background in "These Arms of Mine" and discover how Jerry Wexler, of Atlantic, guided the success of Rufus Thomas with "Walking the Dog." We'll also highlight the songwriting team of Isaac Hayes and David Porter, with hits like "Hold on I'm Coming," and the memorable Mabel John, who captured the Memphis sound along with Sam & Dave.

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